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  • 100% brand new high quality.
  • The design is simple and suitable for sunshades for many occasions. 
  • It can be placed inside the bag after folding, making it more convenient to carry
  • Wide cap fully responds to UV rays
  • Abount 12cm wide and thoughtful design, not only can cover the face, but also protect the neck
  • Simple design
  • Wide hat
  • Water absorbing and quick drying cooling fiber
  • Through the special nature of the fiber material, it will last for a long time, and it feel comfortable even if it is sweaty
  • Cool fiber material
  • The inner edge of the hat is made of water absorbing drying cool fiber matetial
  • Rendering
  • The shape or mixing rate of the fiber is different
  • Inner edge is marked with colour
  • Applicable effect
  • Fashion responds to ultraviolet radiation when going out
  • Suitable for outing, gardening, etc.
  • UV blocking rate of 99%, fully respond to UV radiation, suitable for all occasions
  • 100% Brand new and High quality
  • Suitable for boxing sports.
  • This target is made of quality PVC material, lightweight and durable, the bottom has thickened design, more wearable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It has two compartment, the bottom one is for water or sand to increase weight to keep it stand stable on the ground, the upper is for air to help you train your skills.
  • Owing to its soft feature, it can absorb shock and protect you from accident hurt. And its stable structure can keep it stand up all the time after hitting.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate, can be folded into small size for storage.
  • Good for relieving pressure, body building, etc.
  • And it is sure to hold up to your vigorous training standards.
  • Rugged vinyl construction can withstand an onslaught of kicks and punches, and will always bounce back up for more. Base can be filled with sand or water for stability; Sand has proven to be more effective for larger children.
  • Non-hanging heavy bag design allows you to exercise wherever is most convenient - perfect for your home or commercial gym.
  • This fun inflatable punch bag is great for both keeping fit or for using as a stress buster and can be used both adults and children.
  • Improves coordination and flexibility, burning calories and venting stress.Rocks back and forth with every punch, Ideal for kick-boxing workouts too.
  • Rugged vinyl construction can withstand an onslaught of kicks and punches, and will always bounce back up for more
  • Printed target zones placed at strategic locations allow to practice different martial arts moves with precision
  • Promotes exercise in children while helping increase agility and hand-eye coordination
  • Inflatable products are small, light weight, can be folded and put into the backpack to carry
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Helps maintain proper head and neck alignment while sitting and sleeping
  • Made of high quality memory foam
  • Special U shaped designed will support your neck very well while you are camping, traveling in the air, in the car, at home or office.
  • Fit perfectly to your neck
  • The neck pillow wraps gently around the neck for relaxing the head and neck muscles
  • The design is perfect for full support while sleeping upright without getting a stiff neck
  • Great for travel or use for neck support anywhere you like
  • Designed to offer the right amount of plush comfort while providing the perfect amount of support for your neck.
  • This pillow will help relieve the stress on your neck and shoulders from sitting for extended periods while traveling
  • It is perfect for the plane, train, bus, car, or even for watching TV at home.
  • Lightweight for easy carrying.
  • Easy to take care and easy to bring anywhere.
  • When travel, it allows you to get a restful sleep. This neck pillow will help you enjoy your ride in complete relax preventing neck pain.
  • Perfect gifts for family or friends.
  • Ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort