BOSCH C3 Fully Automatic 4 Mode 6/12V Smart Battery Charger & Maintainer (3.8 Amps) - 018999903M
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BOSCH C3 Fully Automatic 4 Mode 6/12V Smart Battery Charger & Maintainer (3.8 Amps) - 018999903M
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BOSCH C3 Fully Automatic 4 Mode 6/12V Smart Battery Charger & Maintainer (3.8 Amps) - 018999903M
Price RM176.00 RM310.00
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The Bosch battery charger for 6 volt and 12 volt lead acid batteries (AGM, WET, GEL, open, VRLA) uses state-of-the-art charging technology and self-monitoring functions to ensure high quality charging for long battery life. One button operation, built-in pulse and trickle charge function, and a comprehensive safety concept make these chargers very easy and safe to use. Built in safety features like spark, short circuit and reverse polarity protection ensure the safety of the operator and the health of the battery.

The Bosch C3 6V/12V Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer is an ultra portable, automotive battery charging and maintaining device. It can be used with a variety of lead-acid batteries (AGM, WET, GEL, open, and VRLA) in vehicles such as cars, light-duty trucks, motorcycles, antique cars, boats, jet skis, ATVs, snow mobiles, lawnmowers and RVs. The intelligent C3 Battery Charger and Maintainer from Bosch provides battery charging that is easy and safe and will restore sulfated, acid stratified, and discharged batteries to their original capacity without under- or overcharging. By using a Bosch Battery Charger and Maintainer you will ensure the longest life of your battery. Additional features include an integrated AC power cord and battery clamps, dust and splash proof construction and a mounting hook for truly portable use.

Reliable 6V/12V Charging With Maximum Safety. 
Vehicles today are often equipped with a wide array of power-robbing accessories such as GPS navigation units, stereo sound systems, video players, daytime running lights, and many other electrical convenience functions. All these items place a high demand on a vehicle's battery which can lead to discharge, sulfation, or acid stratification. The best way to ensure reliable starting of your vehicle is to keep a regular check on the battery charge--especially in vehicles not used year-round, such as motorcycles, convertibles and classic cars. Battery chargers from Bosch are first aid for exhausted batteries and return them to top condition. The Bosch Battery Charger and Maintainer is a smart charger operated by a MCU processor that provides state-of-the-art charging technology that allows the charger to interact with and respond to the condition of the battery. It modifies its charge action based on the feedback from the battery in order to provide a high quality charge that restores sulfated and discharged batteries to their original capacity without under- or overcharging.

The Most Intelligent Battery Chargers. 
Since it is a smart charger, it will automatically detect the voltage of the battery and select the proper series of charging stages based on the needs of the battery. It can be left connected to the battery and will switch to the maintenance charging mode when the battery voltage falls below 12.8V. The float and maintenance cycles are repeated indefinitely to keep the battery at full charge without overcharging.

Unlike manual and automatic battery chargers that treat all batteries the same no matter what condition they are in and charge with a steady, unregulated current, the Bosch Battery Charger and Maintainer uses SmartAMPS Technology, the optimum charge current depending on the battery’s condition and the current charging stage, to provide a fast, high quality charge that ensures the longest life of your battery.


  • ​SmartAMPs Technology utilizes optimum charge current (from .8 to 3.8 amps) depending on battery’s condition and charging stage, providing fast, high quality charges that ensure maximum battery life
  • Micro Computer Unit provides state-of-the-art charging to restore sulfated, discharged, and acid stratified batteries to their original capacity without under or overcharging
  • One touch smart charging with automatic voltage detection for easy operation
  • Maintenance charging mode automatically switches on when battery drops below 12.8V
  • Suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries - AGM, WET, GEL, open, VRLA and cold - in trucks, cars, motorcycles, lawn tractors, recreational vehicles batteries
  • Spark, short circuit and reverse polarity protection ensure the safety of the operator and health of the battery
  • Dust and water splash resistant
  • Included accessories like hook, charger cable with built in fuse, and two fully insulated charger clamps
  • C3 battery charger: the all-rounder for 6-V and 12-V car and two-wheeler batteries
  • This unit is designed for charging open as well as a wide range of closed lead acid batteries used for passenger cars, motocycles and certain other vehicles - e.g. WET batteries (with liquid electrolyte), GEL batteries (with electrolyte in gel form) or AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries. The battery capacity ranges from 6V (1.2Ah) to 6V (14Ah) or from 12V (1.2Ah) to 12V (120Ah). 
  • The special device concept permits re-charging up to virtually 100% of the battery capacity.
  • The charger features a total of 4 charging modes for different batteries in various states. This makes charging more efficient and reliable.
  • In contrast to conventional products, the charger has a special function (pulse charging) which permits the re-charging of more or less flat batteries. Trickle charging: The charger can be left permanently connected to maintain the full battery charge. After charging, the charger switches automatically to the trickle charge mode.
  • Stringent precautions to prevent incorrect usage and short circuits guarantee safe working. Thanks to an integrated circuit, several seconds elapse after selecting the charging mode before the charger starts the charging process. This means that the sparks frequently encountered during the connection process can be avoided.
  • Connect it, switch it on and lean back: The C3 battery charger will do the rest. The device automatically detects the type of battery and adjusts the power accordingly. It features a two-wheeler mode for 6-V batteries and a car/two-wheeler mode for 12-V batteries. It also allows optimum charging of AGM and EFB batteries. But there is even more: If connected to the vehicle, the C3 monitors the battery and ensures a constantly high level of charge. This increases battery service life and helps save money – since the latest batteries often cost up to eight times as much as a Bosch battery charger.
  • One-Button Smart Charging. You do not need to be a specialist to use the Bosch Battery Charger and Maintainer. Simply attach the two insulated charger clamps integrated into the opposite end to the appropriate battery posts of the lead-acid battery being charged or maintained. Then plug in the AC power cord, integrated at one end of the charger, to a standard 110-volt household outlet. Finally use the mode button to select from 4 charging modes to instantly begin charging. Its is as easy as connect, plug in, and turn on. For extra convenience the included charger mounting hook allows you to hang the charger upright in the best spot possible between the battery and the AC power source.
  • The Safest Charger to Use. Safety is an important concern around any power source. One-button operation, built-in pulse and maintenance charge function, and a comprehensive safety concept make the Bosch C3 Battery Charger and Maintainer very safe to use. If an abnormal situation occurs, such as when the charger is incorrectly connected or there is an abnormal charging time, the charger switches automatically to standby mode to protect the battery from damage. Additionally the charger is designed to protect against spark, short-circuit, reverse polarity, and overheating, making this the safest charger you can use.
  • Smart charging and maintaining of 6V and 12V batteries that goes wherever you do.
  • Everything you need is integrated and/or included in the box.
  • The included charger mounting hook allows for easy charger placement between your AC power source and your battery.
  • Intelligent charging helps maintain and restore batteries.



  • Brand: BOSCH
  • Code: 0 189 999 03M
  • Model: C3
  • Rated input voltage: 230V/ 50Hz
  • Starting current: <50A
  • Rated input current: max. 0.6A (rms value)
  • Power input: 60W
  • Charging voltage: 14.7V (± 0.25V), 14.4V (± 0.25V), 7.2V (± 0.25V)
  • Charging Current: 3.8A (±10%), 0.8a (±10%)
  • Degree of protection: IP 65 (dustproof, watertight)
  • Rated output current: 0.8A/ 3.8A


Advantages at a glance:

  • Automatic detection of 6-V or 12-V battery types
  • Ideal for start/stop batteries with AGM and EFB technologies
  • Trickle charging for optimum battery care
  • Screw-mountable eyelet cables can be installed directly onto the battery


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Bosch C3 6V And12V Battery Charger & Maintainer
  • 1 x Charger Mounting Hook
  • 1 x Charger Cable With Built In Fuse
  • 2 x Fully Insulated Charger Clamps (Black&Red)
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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