SKY TRAVELLER Premium PVC Luggage Suitcase Travel Tag Let New Adventures Begin
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SKY TRAVELLER Premium PVC Luggage Suitcase Travel Tag Let New Adventures Begin
RM2.90 RM16.00
SKY TRAVELLER Premium PVC Luggage Suitcase Travel Tag Let New Adventures Begin
Price RM2.90 RM16.00
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SKY TRAVELLER design made to be refined while still having the flexibility that is necessary. We offers luggage sets in just about every color without a hefty price tag. We’re not likely to be bags you keep with you for the rest of your life, but they are inexpensive enough that replacing them won’t break your heart. SKY TRAVELLER options are sold mostly in sets, and each of the pieces match. Just remember we come in pretty colors or patterns. Our greatest feature Strong Expansion, Plenty of Options, Spinning But Sturdy, Ultralight, Protect your contents Safe, Hard Cases in Soft & bright colors, Keep In Good Shape.

If you are planning a trip, one of the last details you might think about is the luggage tag. Many people forget about them altogether and opt for the paper tags at the airline check-in while hastily scribbling their addresses and phone numbers. But this humble tag can make or break the most meticulously planned trip. While most people rarely think about luggage tags, they can tell others more than you want them to know.



SKY TRAVELLER The only trip that we will regret is the one we don't take. Travel with style, travel with SKY TRAVELLER. Let New Adventures Begin.


Luggage Tag No-Nos

Virtually everyone within an airport can see the information written on your luggage tag so limiting the personal information while providing enough for the airline to return lost luggage is key. Most experts agree that if you can avoid listing your home address, you will be less likely to be targeted for a robbery while you are away. Try listing a work address or PO Box instead. Home phone numbers are also a bad idea, and a cell or work number will be just as useful if you lose your luggage. To avoid using a primary email address, create a free account just for use on luggage tags.


International Travel

In addition to the other pieces of advice, the US Department of State offers information about international travel. Especially in countries where there are anti-American feelings, don't put anything on the luggage tag that identifies you as a US citizen. They suggest to use tags with a flap that covers the information or turning the card around if you can't avoid identifying information.


Tips from the Experts

Seasoned travellers recommend not using a home phone number since a potential thief could use a reverse lookup website to find the corresponding address. Instead use a cell phone number which will be more advantageous if the airline is contacting you for the return of lost luggage. Although it is tempting not to put your full name on the tag for reasons of privacy, the airline can identify and contact you much faster if they can match the name on the tag to the ticket.


SKY TRAVELLER Luggage Tag (Black Stitching) is assembled with a refined texture. This precisely crafted PVC luggage tag is easy to spot on the luggage carousel. It has the perfect size to fit your tote, laptop bag, briefcase, luggage, bags, handbag, shoulder bags, camera bags, backpack and rucksack. Identification label and see-through window is covered with protective flap for privacy. Durable strap and sturdy buckle to keep tag secure. Premium exclusive selected PVC coming together creates this extraordinary model while adding luxury and full protection.



  • Unique design ID Tag is great for any kind of luggage, suitcase or anything you would like to put your ID on.
  • Will surely stand out at baggage claim, it is perfect for any travel occasion.
  • Made of high quality PVC material, comes with a plastic strap for easy attaching to your luggage. Type: Travel ID Luggage Tag
  • Material:Rubber, non-toxic, harmless to body
  • Size:Standard or according to your specifications
  • Logos:Silk screen printed, debussed, embossed
  • Features:Soft and good feeling-touch, Highly quality,100% checked before shipment
  • Colour: Random

Package Includes:

  • 1 x SKY TRAVELLER Premium PVC Luggage Suitcase Travel Tag

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