100Pcs Soft Plastic Fishing Red Earthworm Lure Bait Bionic Red Worm Fish Lures Simulation Fishing
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100pcs Soft Plastic Fishing Red Earthworm Lure Bait Bionic Red Worm Fish Lures Simulation Fishing
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100pcs Soft Plastic Fishing Red Earthworm Lure Bait Bionic Red Worm Fish Lures Simulation Fishing
Price RM4.90 RM13.00
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Soft worm is a kind of artificial bait with a wide range of applications. It has many methods and applies to a wide range of fish. It not only has fatal temptation for fish such as squid, oriole, squid, and black fish, but also has good results for some non-predatory fish. effect. One of the more widely used types of soft baits is the "cocoon": it consists of a long body and a curled tail. This kind of soft bait application is relatively simple, basically is a "throw it out, take it back," such a process, when retracted, the tail of the raccoon reel will be in the water noodles worms (ie, soft-shelled turtles): long strips of soft baits, Imitate this kind of long-type bug. The temptation to rotate, bring out the waves, to attract fish chasing.



  • 100% brand new, high quality.
  • Lightweight shoulder straps.
  • The secret formula is adopted so that the body retains its unique softness.
  • The exquisite appearance and perfect swimming attitude are full of temptation for fish.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Ideal for fishing enthusiasts or collectors.
  • A useful angler fishing tool.
  • After adding a highly effective fish attractant, this product has a strong odor fish attracting ability.
  • This series includes "high-specific gravity" sinkers and "manual" floats, slow sinkers and other single items for the picker to choose from.
  • Incredibly translucent finishes.
  • High-precision molds, environmentally friendly materials, high simulation.
  • Realistic, fast action in the water.
  • Super-tempting target fish can be quickly generated.
  • The excellent visual effects of lure fish.
  • Provide 100 soft baits for fishermen.
  • Hang them on the hook and they will be vivid in the water.
  • Lifelike worm-shaped bait.
  • The smell of fish attracts fish bites. Wonderful tools for fishing enthusiasts.
  • Suitable for different kinds of fish.
  • Let you be more excited when fishing.
  • Fishing box is an absolutely necessary bait.
  • The texture is soft, the colors are naturally rich, and the strokes are lifelike, lifelike movements and appearance.
  • Free-fall bait.
  • Like creatures and convulsions.
  • Crazy legs swim fast or slow movements, and the big fish are even paused in retrieving the suspension.
  • Unstable shuttle movements imitate struggles, imitating the tentacles of subtle or lively movements.
  • Unique segmented body.
  • More vibration and swimming.
  • More tech-scented scent disperses the surface and induces more bite to the big fish.




  • Material: PVC, environmental protection material
  • Target fish: squid, squid, squid, grass carp all kinds of fish
  • Use fishing rods: Taiwan fishing, handcuffs, jellyfish, sandpiper, lure, etc.
  • Colour: Dark red
  • Weight:19g



  • Due to different producing batches, product details might be a little different. If you mind the difference, please buy it carefully.
  • Please allow 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement.
  • Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual colour of the item. Thanks for your understanding.


Package includes:

  • 1 x 100Pcs Soft Plastic Fishing Red Earthworm Lure Bait Bionic Red Worm Fish Lures Simulation  Fishing

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