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SKOI-02 HALAL有机蔓越莓干蓝莓干纤维的来源甜美多汁蓝莓干Organic Whole Blueberries Cranberries
RM16.90 RM45.00
SKOI-02 HALAL有机蔓越莓干蓝莓干纤维的来源甜美多汁蓝莓干Organic Whole Blueberries Cranberries
Price RM16.90 RM45.00
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Organic Cranberry: 添加苹果汁!!!无糖零添加剂

Organic Blueberry: 野生整颗蓝莓!!! 不添加任何糖


Blueberry for Good Health

1.Boosts immune system 增强免疫系统

2.Prevent hair loss and osteoporosis防止脱发和骨质疏松症

3.Aid in preventing dementia 帮助预防老年痴呆症

4. protection of the heart 有助于保护心脏

5.Prevents signs of aging like wrinkles and age spots 防止皱纹和老年斑等衰老迹象

6.Improves digesting and provides relief from constipation 降低心脏病发作的风险

7.Helps cure *Alzheimer's disease 有助于治愈*阿尔茨海默病

8.Improve digestion and relieve constipation 改善消化,缓解便秘

9.Aid weight loss 有助于减肥

10.Reduces risk of macular degeneration, cataracts and myopia 降低黄斑变性,白内障和近视的风险


Cranberry for Good Health

1.Protect against memory loss and lack of coodination防止记忆丧失和缺乏协调

2.Prevents tooth cavities and scurvy 防止蛀牙和坏血糖

3.Cures sore throat and cold 治愈喉咙痛和感冒

4.Helps avoid respiratory infections 有助于避免呼吸道感染

5.Prevents blood clots and eliminates cancerous tumor防止血液凝块并消除癌性肿瘤

6.Reduce risk of atomach ulcers and kidney stones减少胃溃疡和肾结石的风险

7.Strengthens bones and teeth 加强骨骼和牙齿

8.Effective against lung inflammation有效对抗肺部炎症

9.Gives relief from urinary tract infections 减轻泌尿道感染

10.Reduces risk of atherosclerosis and other heart ailments降低动脉粥样印花和其他心脏疾病的风险



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