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Baby & Kids
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  • Made of food grade liquid silicone material, widely used in medicine field. Liquid is the material of shaped breast augmentation, medical artificial heart sheet, healthy and harmless, stable in nature, free of BPA
  • Healthy and harmless
  • BPA free
  • Stable in nature
  • Germany wacker liquid silicone non-toxic harmless, stable nature, dose not contain bisphenol-A
  • 4.2cm diameter streamline breast milk pacifier, soft to the touch
  • Lmitating the texture and shape of my mother breasts
  • Reduce rejection during mixed feeding
  • Curved  concave pacifier
  • The matte texture of the leaf texture fully simulates the texture of the mother nipple. When the baby sucks, the nipple does not slide out easily. The inner thread is not easy to collapse
  • Surrounding thread
  • Mate texture
  • Leaf texture
  • High temperature resistance 120C
  • Prevent inhalation of excess air
  • One-way air intake system prevents the bag from inhaling too much air and causing flatulence discomfort